Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (AHD) Online Drop-in

Date: Monday 26th February 2024
Timings: 10am to 11am
Location: Online Zoom Conferencing
Price: Free
Presenter: Alex Brounger

About the Drop-in

This is an opportunity for you to drop in and ask me any questions you wish about the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (AHD). You can pop in at any time and hang around for as long or as little as you want to.

You may have lots of questions, you may have just one. You may want to meet with some of the other people who pop in too. You may have just registered and are raring to go or have the AHD in full swing. You may simply have lost your way with it and want a good kick up the… or perhaps you haven’t signed up yet but are thinking about it?

I will be waiting to answer any questions, share ideas and if all else fails we can practice our inconsequential language! Call it a virtual “meet for a coffee” if you wish.

In order to “pop in” all you have to do is click on the Zoom link below any time between 9.30am to 11am, follow the download instructions (if you have not used Zoom on that device before) and with a bit of luck and a fair wind you will see me, and maybe some others appear on your screen a few moments later.

Meeting ID: 880 4396 3020
Passcode: 935619

So make yourself a cuppa – there’s no need to knock – just come on in. I look forward to seeing as many people who can make it as is possible.

With very best regards,

Alex Brounger
DHP, HPD, MNCH (Reg.), SFBT Sup (Hyp)