Mindfulness CPD – 2 day

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) available for CPHT Graduates

Date: Saturday 11th & Saturday 18th May 2024
Timings: 10am to 5pm
Location: Online Zoom Conferencing
Price: £220 (£190 with AfSFH membership)
Presenter: Matthew Dyson
Contact: cpd@cpht.co.uk

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About the Course

This CPD enables you to provide clients with a deeper understanding of how the mind works in relation to their clinical issues, and deliver solutions within the framework of solution focused hypnotherapy that are grounded in the research on mindfulness and acceptance strategies.

Course Contents

The aim of this CPD is to give delegates an understanding of:

  • What mindfulness is in terms of how the mind works – activating the parasympathetic nervous system / changes in brain structures resulting from mindfulness meditation
  • How mindfulness contributes to a sense of well-being
  • Similarities and consistencies with clinical hypnosis in structure and function
  • Similarities and consistencies with solution focused brief therapy
  • Key elements of mindfulness approaches that help clients achieve solutions: Acceptance-based strategies/ Amplification of aspects of personal experience / Achieving pattern interruption / Encouraging experiential learning / Development of focusing skills
  • Research findings into the efficacy of Mindfulness and Acceptance-based approaches
  • Clinical application of these principles to different areas of clinical presentation, including:
    • Depression
      • Focusing attention on the present moment
      • Encouraging separation from emotional responses
    • Anxiety
      • Decreasing external vigilance
      • Counteracting evolutionary templates
    • Eating disorders
      • Developing internal resources to identify hunger and satiety and act appropriately
    • Pain Management
      • Reducing identification with the pain and the suffering associated with it
      • Allowing it to be contained as a physiological sensation
    • Relationships
      • With yourself and others
      • Utilisation of mirror neurons
      • Development of compassion and empathy
    • Insomnia
      • Quieting the voice within
  • When not to use mindfulness
  • How to do mindfulness-based inductions and trance work
  • How to set homework for clients regarding practice

Outcomes for Therapists

  • Teaching mindfulness skills means greater opportunities to help clients gain valuable skills in relapse prevention whilst extending the life of the therapeutic process
  • You already have the skills – there are very few structural differences between guided mindfulness and hypnosis sessions, except that we‘re more skilled at the suggestions!
  • Clients are able to recommend you as a mindfulness teacher as well as a hypnotherapist

Outcomes for Clients

  • Clients gain insight as to why certain solutions are far more effective than others and how mindfulness skills like compassion, curiosity and presence provide lasting relief from clinical issues
  • Greater executive control – scientific studies demonstrate growth in the pre-frontal cortex after just 8 weeks of mindfulness practice, as well as shrinkage of the amygdalae
  • In the latter part of therapy, clients learn fundamental relaxation skills that they can more easily generalise to everyday life.

Outcomes for You

  • Learn to meditate more effectively than using an app like Headspace
  • Recognize and more skilfully use the power of focus to increase emotional self-regulation and self-control

Course Overview

The importance of Mindfulness is why this CPD is also an integral part of the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course (AHD).

About the Presenter

Matthew Dyson

Matthew was on the very first CPHT course in 2002 and, since then, has been seeing clients full time from the Clifton Practice in Bristol.

Following on from the CPHT course, he trained extensively with Michael Yapko in the States and developed the training for Smoking and Rewind as well as writing the section on Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

Matthew’s knowledge of the theory and practice of mindfulness has been chiefly guided by Jon Kabat Zinn and he has also attended training by Stephen Hayes and Russ Harris.

Matthew has frequently run this mindfulness course for hypnotherapists and, as always, there is a very practical emphasis on weaving mindfulness principles and practices into the solution-focused therapy process.

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