Neuroscience and Obesity CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) available for CPHT Graduates

Date: Friday 21st June 2024
Timings: 9.30am to 1.00pm
Location: Online Zoom Conferencing
Price:  £75 (£70 with AfSFH membership)
Presenter: Jennifer Dunseath

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About the Course

This CPD examines the biological and psychological components of weight management, predominantly being overweight, and it helps you understand how best to work with clients in our Solution Focused approach.

The CPD will include in depth discussion of the following areas:

  • The neuroscience involved in obesity
  • Biological components of being overweight (adipose tissue)
  • Primitive man – is our eating behaviour governed by evolutionary factors?
  • Stress and how it affects our eating behaviour
  • Comfort eating
  • Depression
  • Treatments, effective and otherwise
  • Our approach
  • Managing the miracle question within a weight management session

There are other CPD’s that compliment this subject but are focused on topics like working with weight management groups, eating disorders and microbiome and mental health – see the complete CPD Programme for details.

The importance of Neuroscience and Obesity is why this CPD is also an integral part of the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course (AHD).

About the Presenter

Jennifer Dunseath

Jennifer Dunseath
Solution Hypnotherapy NI

Jennifer trained on Belfast’s first ever CPHT course in 2017 and has progressed her business extremely well ever since. She is now a Supervisor and has presents a few CPD’s for CPHT.

Whilst on the HPD course, Jennifer set up her first weight management classes and has continued to run and evolve them ever since. In 2022 she gained a qualification in Nutritional Phycology. Jennifer is also the owner of The Number House and Solution Hypnotherapy NI.

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